Nurturing Growth, Honoring Legacy

Nurturing Growth, Honoring Legacy: Edessa Growth Partners seeks to become the partner in your succession planning – preserving your hard-earned achievements while driving your business towards continued success. We value building and nurturing relationships to foster a lasting, successful partnership.

About Us

Edessa Growth Partners is an investment firm founded by Resit, dedicated to the mission of acquiring and growing one exceptional business in the United States. Our vision extends beyond transactional interactions, deeply valuing the relationships and legacies that form the heart of a business.

Our goal, is to fully step into the shoes of the existing business owner, ensuring a seamless transition and continuation of the business’s successful journey. We understand that each business, its operations and culture are unique. Therefore, our approach is tailored, not only focusing on financial growth, but also on preserving and amplifying the company’s distinct culture and legacy.

About the Principal

My name is Reşit, a Kurdish Armenian born in the crossroads of cultures, Sanliurfa – also known as ancient Edessa. This city, nestled in the heartland of Mesopotamia, instilled in me a deep sense of roots, values, and ambition.

I grew up as part of a large and traditional Kurdish family involved in the agricultural business. My formative years were deeply connected with the operations of cotton farming and the trade of fertilizers and pesticides. Raised by my father, a small business owner and farmer, and my mother, a dedicated housewife, I grew up with three sisters in a household where work and family were inseparable.

Our Investors

Edessa Growth Partners is backed by a world-class team of seasoned investors, serial entrepreneurs and successful operators with an outstanding track record of acquiring and growing businesses.

What are we looking for?

Edessa Growth Partners is actively seeking thriving businesses to acquire and foster. While we have certain criteria in mind, we recognize that unique opportunities can arise from unexpected sources. If you believe your business could be a match—even if it doesn’t meet all our guidelines—Please reach out.

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